You can hire me or my band Toonces to play at your venue or private event. Depending on the event, I can play solo, bring a band, or play with other hired musicians. I have a full set of original Chelsea Hines music or can do covers of folk, jazz, 80’s new wave, 90’s grunge, celtic violin and can learn any specific covers you request.  If you have any musical booking questions, please visit my contact page and send me a message!




I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, which is a legitimate, non-denominational entity with full legal authority to ordain across the United States. I have meditated with the Buddhists, sang praise with the Christians, danced with the Vodun, took medicine with the Shamans, spoke in tongues with the Pagans and took Eucharist with the Gnostics. My spiritual journey has led me to believe there is a place and a possibility for all of it, with the only certain thing being our ability and dire need to heal each other. I have pronounced countless weddings, worked in a funeral home for a year, hold ceremonial space in my home on a monthly basis and have done counseling and healing sessions for years. Some of the services I offer are listed below.

-Vow Renewals
-Life Counseling
-Marriage Counseling
-Sound/ Touch Healing session


I have taken lessons and classes for violin, vocal and theatrical performance that have prepared me to find my true sound and express it in a multitude of public and theater settings. I have been teaching in both private and classroom settings for over 5 years. I encourage anyone wanting to take their musical and performative skills to the next level to treat yourself (or a loved one) to some lessons. Message me for rates and details.


For any booking inquiries, go to my contact page